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    Bledhen Nowyth Da!

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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'The Queen's Arms, Breage - 20Feb2010'

    In Breage, it seems they spell "Head", "A-R-M-S".
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'The Queen's Arms, Breage - 20Feb2010'

    The Queens Head would be treason, it's OK to have her Arms though.
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'Trelawny Garage'

    welb1931 said:-"I remember when it was a busy garage with Jervis Barclay and Ernie Joseit had four petrol pumps outside at one time...."Where?In front, or around the side?
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    "Quality" of driving

    It seems to me, that over the last 18 months or so, the number of drivers on the road in need of being taken off the road has been steadily increasing. It seems that for far too many of them it is a case of "I've got my licence, insurance, MOT, and tax, so I can drive how ever I like. There are...
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    Did Titanic sink?

    Lets look at this logically. The suggestion that the wheel was turned in the wrong direction is based on information from a......novel. I have no doubt that the interest in the "disclosure" had little, if any, effect on the sales of this piece of fiction. Although quite plausible, it, if true...
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    Did Titanic sink?

    The question as to whether the sinking of the Titanic was a terrible accident, due to incompetence and arrogance, or a deliberate act, is just an example of mans need to assign blame to things that happen that they find horrific. There were a number of high ranking officials, mostly male, from...
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media '"rock bottom"'

    Along with the many biological elements that also create sand and mud.
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'was this you?'

    Unfortunately for the family, old albums are highly collectible, as are old Photos. I wish them luck.
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    The Moon Landings, did it really happen or was it the biggest illusion of its time ??
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'Green Market car park'

    They need to do something about the traffic flow through this car park. If one more moron drives past the No-Entry sign and jumps the queue to the next available parking space in front of me one more time, I'll just have to park on top of them. The layout of this car park needs a complete rethink.
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    Housing Exchange

    To, make work for themsleves.
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    Sainsbury's coming to Penzance?

    Oh look, another roundabout!
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    Is Cornwall Council spying on you?

    I have to disagree. The "If you have done nothing wrong" argument would only ever be a viable one if those who have the power to use these forms of surveillance had themselves never done anything wrong, and you were 100% sure that they never would. There is no-one on this planet that, in my...
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'Botallack c1835'

    Looks almost Tolkinesque.
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    Britain's Future

    Democracy is a small word that covers a very large range of ideas, some would argue that the very fact that "we" have the chance to collectively choose our preferred method of execution is proof of our living, and dying, in a democratic system. It is interesting to note that you chose 3...
  19. P_Trembath

    Britain's Future

    "......Party Politics and the Megalomaniac Thatcherism that killed off the country, its employment and prosperity." I fear that I must point out that the country was on a distinct downward slope long before that fateful day in May 1979, in fact, I would say that the start of the First World War...
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    Comment by 'P_Trembath' in media 'Causewayhead Traffic Signs'

    My mother used to regularly close the gate when she went shopping. Then one day, she found that it had been padlocked open.
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