my old home town of penzance


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hi my name is neville rowe and i lived in penzance from 1951 to 1974 i went to alverton school then to st pauls school and then to lescudjack in 1962 the only night club before the barn was the winter gardens on the prom i used to drive taxis for phil allen of heamoor then for a firm from newlyn i grew up with guys called neil thomas from alverton david wheeler from treneer and david wilson from penalvern i moved to plymouth where i own a night club in union street my brother still lives in penzance heis called jeremy rowe and lives in rosevean terrace also spent a lot of the timeat the swimming pool every day in the summer anybody else who grew up then letme know


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Hi Southwestdj and welcome to the site.
I'm just too young to remember the town in those days as I wasn't born until 1965, however you might find that if you look through some of the photo's we have of that time you will see some of the comments made by other members. Feel free to contact them through private message (PM) and I'm sure you'll be back in contact with some old friends in no time :)
Incidentally Taffy Owen (the English teacher) is a member on this site.


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hi neville.

I think I remember you from Lescudjack. Am I right that you were there with Roger Pascoe, Malcolm Rowe, John Aldridge , colin Downing etc.



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the teachers then were dick jury music teacher,dick elwood, geography teacher bill cox historyteacher,bill carn woodwork,headmaster was dick firth


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I seem to remember you were good at sports, and you were a quick runner. Something in the back of my mind reminds me of a school sports day when you ran against a guy called Stuart ? I can't remember his name, but I remember it being very close. You were a prefect weren't you? and the guy who beat you to head boy was a fair haired guy who's name also escapes me. Was it lawrence?


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I was big for my age, so Johnny Thomas had me playing senior rugby when I was 12. Some of the pack were David Wakfer, Colin Searle, Ashley Rail, and a guy called Andy ? Colin Downing. Outside were Barry Wildman, Nobby Roberts,etc, but I'll really have to think about the rest.............Oh yea Glynn Rowe played as well.


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I tried to send you an email, but i probably boll**d that as well, but have a look anyway. I was there with Phillip pearce, Jesse Triggs, Ian Gilbert, Joe Crowe. etc Yea Daisy Daniels, Juke box Jory, Sammy Carne, Dickie Ellwood, Bill Cock, Johnny Thomas and Mrs Gray sports, Fanny Cox, never without a fag Russell. POor old Jan Turner , who paid me my finest compliment when he told me he could not teach me anything, (what a compliment) Tom ( look out for the flying mallet ) Prowse. Mr ( I fought in every one of the armed services during the war) Kempsell. And the sublime Miss Simmonds, who looked after the girls, and who commanded absolute control without raising her voice...................what a woman. In the office we had Mrs Andrewartha, and Mrs Ferris, and in the science lab there was Mr Warne, Mr Jackson,
and Miss Hawkins ( queen of the dark room ). I was dropped for English by Fanny Cox and delivered to Reece Owens to do the best he could. I was B streamed, but guess what Reece Owens was such a good teacher that he turned it around and I got a grade 1 for literature and language. What a man.
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Now this is what Picture Penzance is all about.::7:

Linking folks who have lost touch and maybe never thought they would be able to reconnect.
It is the people that counts ::1:

Neville and you others, I remember you all.


Dennis (Duffy) James::7:
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Hi Nev remember me i was Graham Williams's wife Margaret used to have Caroline Cars at that time and later Nippy cabs. Graham's mother lived in Tolver Place. Marg


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I'm also wondering about some girls I went to Penzance Girls Grammar School with. Anyone know if they still reside in PZ? They are:

Virginia Watkins - she married Russell Baxter and use to live somewhere up near the Rec. She used to work in Simpsons up on the terrace.

Pamela Tripp - Used to live in Penlee Street. I think she went into nursing and married a doctor but the last I heard was divorced.
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