Whos interested in doing a photo shoot ??


Been down to Perfect Pictures in Penzance today to enquire about prices and availability etc for the hiring of their Photographic studio/room in causewayhead, as it was disscussed at our last meeting and a few of you said you may be interested.

the price for 1/2 a day is £25 Ex VAT
the price for a full day is £45 Ex VAT
the room is available Monday to Saturday
(of course any breakages/damages we would have to pay for)

All the lighting/seating is set up already for use and also they do have some props but most models/people bring there own with them, also have a back drop of an August/tree theme, which can be used if required.

was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a photo shoot then we could split the costs what do you think?
is anyone interested at all, then please let us know here and the days you can make the photo shoot, obviously the more that can make it then the cheaper it will become, and if successfull then perhaps do again? let us know your thoughts please, many thanks xx


well as no response so far, guess no one is interested?
no problem at all, said we would put the feelers out for this one,which we've done xx
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