The Dry Dock....(previously Holman's Dry Dock)


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Great to hear that The Dry Dock is still in use and is making note of it's self.
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Deborah Clark Associates - DCA

I served my my time as an electrician in the dock before becoming an officer with P&O working on the 'Perim' 'Oriana' and others back in the '60's. Great days and fond memories. I wonder if anyone in the group remembers these days?


Hi jimjam,
There's a lot of oldies on site remembers those days, I also served my time as an electrician in the 60's with S.W.E.B. so somewhere along the way we would have met, either around town or day release at 'tech. I still amd an electrician, although I've worked for myself for the past 25 years, I know there is another member on site that served his time in the docks in 60/70's era but don't know if he will comment.
By the way if you look at my photo albums there is one there with a load of photos taken in the dry dock as I was the electrician there for two years prior to the I.O.S. taking over from the receivers.
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Hi symons 55. Yes we could have met. Your photos brought back many memories I was at the docks when the crane (?) was attached to and through the electrical workshop. The days of Jack Williams, Harry Shead, David Shead, Tony Hutchins, John the Fish to name a few. Whilst I was there we built a tug. It sort of worked. It was named 'Primrose' after Selwyn Holman's wife. Wonder what happened to it. The tug that is.................
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